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Thyroid blood results on T3

Hi all, would appreciate some help as to increasing T3 or not. Had fasting bloods taken after six days on T3 only, was taking NDT prior to this but not doing so well. Had results today and would be glad of any info. Almost three weeks on and not feeling too bad. Also taking Vit B12, Ubiquinole, VitC.

TSH <0.01 mu/L (0.35-5.00 U)

FreeT4 8.1 pmol/L (9.0-21.O U)

TotalT3 Blank

Am taking one pill (20) morning and half (10) afternoon.

Have never got to grips with the numbers so very grateful for advice.


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Turquoise - you have to test Free T3 when taking T3. Those results can't tell you anything about whether or not you need to increase or decrease your dose.


Thanks SeasideSusie. Am assuming T3 being blank is because I had just started taking it, will have to wait till next test.


That was total T3 that was blank - useless anyway. You need FREE T3 measured.


Thanks, will probably have to plead for it!


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