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Advice re natural thyroid

Hello all,

Following undiagnosis and under medication I have been on what appears to be optimal treatment since January. I uploaded test results and everyone is agreed they are good.

I am however still having symptoms of hair loss, stubborn weight remaining, pitted edema and overall excessive fluid retention, headaches, neck swelling and aches, muscle aches and joint pain.

Nobody official seems to want to link this to meds, instead they've referred me to 4 different specialists, none of whom link up treatment or potential triggers.

Everything I've read suggests natural thyroid may help to remove all symptoms of hypo, something my ongoing symptoms suggest levo alone is not doing.

Any advice on steps to take when trying natural? I suspect I'll have to buy it myself and ask that my dr just monitors me. What should I be aware if if this is the only option I gave to be able to try it and see if it makes a difference for me?


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I think everyone who still has clinical symptoms should be offered a trial of NDT. The BTA have succeeded in withdrawing this as they did with T3 recently.

If you try a combination of T3 to your T4 (levo) that might work well for you and your GP can still prescribe levo. A combination of 3:1 seems to have been the most successful in trials. Page 80 gives the studies.

There is one non-prescription NDT called Thyro-gold and was developed by a doctor

who was also an Adviser to before his untimely death.

Others will probably respond by private message re NDT and there are a number on the market.

Many members have benefited from the NDT as it contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

It was Thyrogold that I had been looking at and trying to research as many users findings on it as I could.

As I can buy it myself non prescription is it sensible to tell my Dr I plan to do so, and ask them to monitor me?


This is from STTM:

THYROGOLD, called a “dietary supplement” to meet FDA rules, though patients report it working very well. Was created by the now-deceased John C. Lowe, and his wife currently sells it. Comes in 150 mg and 300 mg tablets. The mgs is NOT equivalent to the same mgs in prescription NDT tablets. i.e. 150 mg may be “similar in effect” to 1 1/4 grains, but that’s a subjective opinion by some. The thyroid powder in the tablets are from New Zealand pasture-fed cows, plus there is 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii, which is said to promote thyroid function. It is a popular OTC product!


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