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Blood test results I'm confused

Hi I check the page that gives advice about blood test so now I'm confused.

Short story had symptoms that could be due to thyroid last autumn: excessive weight gain in 1 month, out of breath. My mum has thyroid problems so GP did a blood test but said everything ok. A few months later I lost over 1 stone in a short period & started getting really itchy eyebrows, eyelash loss & eyebrow hair loss, extremely dry flakey skin lower legs after several visits to GP. He finally agreed to do blood tests but still insisted my thyroid wont be worth exploring as it was fine 6 months ago. Bloods came back normal. My symptoms are still there along with white gunk that seeps from the outer corner of my eyes and i noticed that above my eyebrows gets puffy sometimes. I also have patches of very dry skin on my face with tiny white spikes that stick out of the pores.

So I asked for a copy of my blood tests for the past year. I noticed that the result for my thyroid was 2.1 back in December. On the info page it states that values above 2 should be investigated further. So I cant understand why my GP is so reluctant to check my thyroid again, especially as I have these strange symptoms to which he still cant explain & will not explore further. Is it because its considered borderline? maybe I misundertood the info. Does anyone else have any symptoms like this?

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4871sam -

Has only TSH ever been done when testing your thyroid? If so that is not enough.

As you have weight gain and weight loss, it's possible you may have autoimmune thyroid disease where you can have symptoms of both overactive and underactive thyroid.

You really need the following tests




Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

Thyroglobulin antibodies

Your GP probably can't get all of them done. If you are in the UK you can do them at home with a private fingerprick test from Blue Horizon or Medichecks thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

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