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Better than i was last year

I read lots on underactive thyroid even thou im still quite tiered at times i go bed quite early iv found an improvement thanks to my doctors at milnrow village surgery i have gained trust as they constantly check my levels and direct me to different ways of improveing i would much sooner go the herbal way so the trust has been hard to gain what im really saying is please guys dont give up there is good and bad in every perfession its finding who helps you feel better i no sleep helps me by going bed quite early but i do what my body wants rather than what i want x im on 75 mg levo also my blood preasure is high

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I'm glad to hear you are feeling improvement and that you are well treated by your doctors and trust them. Not all our members are so fortunate in their doctors and some have been treated quite appallingly.


That as may be was giving hope as i also have joint pain and feel awful at times looking for a decent doctor is hard as my last one couldnt even diagnose me pregnat from going numerous times i ended up being 6 months pregnant with 4 grand children


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