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Advice please

Hi I've recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism Tsh 0.05 normal T4 antibodies present awaiting t3 result.

Was quite surprised at diagnosis as having more hypo symptoms e.g. Fatigue++ weight gain. That was until last Thursday and wham bam hyperthyroid symptoms overnight. Have felt in a highly agitated/ anxious state feeling very weird. GP has commenced 5mg carbimazole how long will this take to ease symptoms

Last night from 3am onwards felt really panicky finally got some sleep about 5.30 today have to keep on move struggling to sit down as feel so awful. Any advice be grateful

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Sorry to hear this Deanna, but at least you've now got some idea of what's wrong.

Both hyper and hypo can lead to similar symptoms - e.g. fatigue. Although many people who are hyper lose weight, others do gain from the outset.

Have you got an appointment to see an endocrinologist ? The dose of carbimazole is quite low, and depending on your T3 result you may find the endo increases it by quite a bit. In my case, 40mg day made me feel better very quickly, but I hadn't been prescribed any carbimazole at all by my gp, and both T4 and T3 were elevated - we're all different !

Are you feeling breathless, or getting symptoms like a really fast beating heart, and shaky hands ? If so, discuss them with your gp as there are

other things they can prescribe to help with this sort of symptom while you're waiting to see the endo.


i am being referred to endocrinologist so not sure how long it will take to get appointment. Heart rate seems to be normal during these attacks but was hypertensive when saw GP I'm normally on the low blood pressure side.Will see GP again if no improvement soon thanks


Which antibodies did you have tested? If your FT4 is in range, it doesn't sound like you're hyper. Where in the range were they?


Perioxidase not sure about any others


TPO antibodies? That's for Hashi's. I very much doubt you are hyper, maybe just a Hashi's 'hyper' swing. You really do need the numbers for your FT4 and FT3. If they are not over-range, then carbimazole is the wrong treatment and will make you very hypo.



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Now have all my results 26/06/17 when complaining of fatigue itchy skin and polyuria

TSH 0.05 t4 15.4 thyroid peroxidase 507 B12 folate12 vit b12 375

Bloods 17/7/17 after weekend of agitation/panicky no appetite t3 4.4 tsh 0.48 t4 16.9

Now feeling much better but still not sleeping need to keeep busy

Any ideas I now have endo appt 16/8/17


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