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Can anyone recommend a good endo

Hi this my first post.

I have been seeing an endo in Ayr who has now labelled my symptons as dysfunctional and says everythings down to depression and anxiety!

Can anyone recommend a good endo near me please. I live in Irvine Ayrshire but would be willing to travel.

Also I was on 50mg Levo and recently I asked him to give me T3 which he did (only to get rid of me I think) I got 20mcg of t3 but they won't give me Levo with it. Should I not be taking both?

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Welcome to the forum, St12.

20mcg T3 is equivalent to 60mcg Levothyroxine so you are on a pretty much equivalent dose. Your endo could have reduced 50mcg Levothyroxine dose and added 5mcg or 10mcg T3.

Email enquiries@thyroiduk.org for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.

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Grrrrrrr blasted useless doctors

Just ignore the lotbif them and order thyroid-s and self treat and get well

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Hi! I didn’t like th eendo at Ayr Hospital so asked my go to send me elsewhere. I now see an endo at Crosshouse, can’t remember the name as only been once and only did bloods but back in 2 wks x


Hi Cree! I saw Dr Collier privately at Carrick Glen. Absolutely useless! My gp sent me to see Dr Ferguson at Crosshouse. Also useless! He doesn't think I have hypothyroidism just iron defiency. He'll probably write to my doc now to take my meds off me...dont know what to do now urrrrggghhh!


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