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Greetings from the US!

Hi everyone. My name is Missy and I live in the deep south in the US - Mississippi. (And yes, I've been called "Missy from Mississippi my entire life." :) ) I was diagnosed with Hashi's almost 30 years ago. I just went gluten and dairy free this year. The thing that has helped me the most is giving up dairy! Dairy stresses my entire body and when I've reintroduced it, it causes chaos. But I do believe everyone is different. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to eliminate certain foods from your diet for at least two weeks, then reintroduce that food. Your body will let you know right away what it thinks of that food.

I also have a skin rash under my neck called "Poikiloderma of Civatte", which is a red rash all around the neck and onto the chest, except around the thyroid. I found this page because there were people experiencing the same thing. The rash is caused by too much sun and thin neck skin (and too many birthdays!). My rash causes me pain due to Hashi's related inflammation. If I eat anything that causes inflammation (or if I get too stressed out), my neck flares up and hurts. How about that for motivation to eat right!

I enjoy reading everyone's posts!


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Hello and welcome. Isn't it good when you have a symptom that you understand but that tells you loud and clear 'stop it'. For me it is sneezing. My OH often wasn't there to witness food reactions so forgot that I couldn't eat x, but the sneezing is so violent he can't miss it now.


Hi Missy from Ohio 😊

Im a hashi girl 49 got diagnosed in 2013 & only due to high TPO did I FINALLY get diagnosed. I learned the same as you about food sensitivities. Its not easy when a person has eaten the very foods that hurt them without obvious reaction. That said digestive distress I never had but once doing an elimination - you're right ! The body speaks loud & clear - crazy huh?!

In recent years I notices that "flush" of color on my neck/upper chest - never knew the name or connection. For me its most often when high stressed. Sending a hug !🌺🌈


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