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Would really appreciate help interpreting results please

Hello I've been taking thyroxine 100mcg and t3 20mcg per day for about 9 months. My last results in May were TSH 0.02 (0.27 - 4.2) and t4 14 (12 -22). I had my last ending appointment a few days ago and he told me to up my t4 alternate 100mcg and 125mcg daily. The endo said there was 'no need' to test my free t3. I've never had it tested since I started taking t3 I find that a bit strange? So can anyone help me understand what's going on with my thyroid at min? I was told on November that I had very slight amounts of antibodies showing and I have potential hashimotos??

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The Endocrinology appear to believe that only the TSH and T4 results are necessary. They rarely do FT4 and FT3. You can get the Free T4 and T3 yourself through a private lab. I shall give you a link and one has 'offers' on a Thursday.

Levothyroxine is T4 and inactive. It's job is to convert T4 to T3 and T3 is the only active hormone but your T4 is very low should be towards the top of the range so I doubt you can convert insufficient T4 to sufficient T3. I know you are also taking 20mcg of T3. You can see the reason below why FT4 and FT3 are useful.



It is a shame that some come away from an appointment with an Endocrinologist and more puzzled than before as they don't feel any improvement so far. Your T4 should be towards the top of the range, not bottom.


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