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i am wondering if, as i am always so tired and have massive hair loss

and on ferrous fumerate as my 'iron' is low and have one begrudged injection of b12 every 3 months that maybe thats the reason for the hair dissappearing--i ha dto fight for the b12 because my blood level shows well adequate but i had a gene test which showed mfhr or what ever that is-- a mutation so i dont absorb b12 or vit d -- causing hairloss?

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Ferrous fumerate isn't easily absorbed. Can you take other types of iron?

Do you take it with Vit C? This helps absorption.

Hair loss is most likely due to low iron.

If you have low B12 and low iron you probably have pernicious anaemia.


hi misty see below to mary please. i wil get some vit c. i have had 6 hours slep just gotup andneedto go sleep again.


Have you had any investigations for Thyroid function?

Are you on Levothyroxine or any other medication?


mary i have loads of thyroid but the only decent endo i had i snow private i wasted 8 yaers a barts. had local endos allrubbish i havejustbouht some naturethroid at 2 grains, i take 75 levo 20 mcg t3, i haveone inject every 3 months b12 and a mutationthat says i dontabsorb vid d or b12 but thatis it. when gps/ etc seethe levelof b12 iam told you have enough-- YES in BLOOD STREAM but not at celllevel.gggggggggggrrr

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Hi bluepettals, not sure if this helps ? probably not, :) I was low in iron, hair brittle and far too many hairs falling out, I think I was at a blood level of 41 and learnt from TUK that for hair to grow/regrow my ferritin had to be up between 80-90 (check this as it was a long while ago) I took ferrous fumerate and my hair started to regrow, then I switched to another iron pill and it was too low dose for me, my hair started to get worse, I thankfully realized and went back on the ferrous fumerate and my hair layers have started to catch up again. (I take FF with food, 'cos taking it on it's own made me feel sickly in a few minutes.)

Though watching the video on You tube of Doctor Chandy (B12 Deficiency) there was a woman who lost her hair from B12 deficincy, each time she came off b12 shots she lost her hair, back on the b12 shots she regained it again, maybe you need B12 shots more often, many do.


yes i do believe it is b12 i was thinking about drchandry today and that girl.

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Hi there Bluepetals

I've been self injecting B12 every other day for three and a half months - crippling fatigue and neurological symptoms much improved, but the big bonus is that hair is gradually thickening up again, with much better texture. I've always supplemented with vitamins and minerals but this has made the most difference.

Dr John Midgley, 'Diogenes' recently posted this important research, which explains the progression of Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease to gastric atrophy, (which many patients on this forum also suffer from and can be silent) to eventual PA/B12def.:


"CAG (chronic autoimmune gastritis) is characterized by a partial or total disappearance of parietal cells implying the impairment of both hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor production. The clinical outcome of this gastric damage is the occurrence of a hypochlorhydric-dependent iron-deficient anemia, followed by pernicious anemia concomitant with the progression to a severe gastric atrophy."

"Clinical signs of this disease appear after several years of its onset, when the progressive reduction to disappearance of the parietal cells leads to atrophy of the gastric mucosa, impairing the absorption of iron, vitamin B12 (cobalamin), folate, and other nutrients (22)."

"In the initial phase of the atrophic gastritis, the damage of parietal cells can lead to iron deficient microcytic anaemia as the only clinical sign (38). When the gastric atrophy becomes severe and/or the IFA is no longer produced, even the absorption of cobalamin becomes compromised. "


I would print this and the BMJ research document and write or ask GP (taking someone close for extra support) for the more frequent B12 injections ('every other day until no further improvement' as BNF guidelines for neurological symptoms).

Hugs and good luck x


oh thanks polaris whatdo i print, the linkor whatyu have said here- i am almost unfunctionalable, i have a very bythebook doctor to deal with monday


polaris what partof that do i need to print please,culd you send thepart i need to my home please, i will just print itof then,i doubt hewilunderstand it beinga gp.


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