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Are my results saying no thyroid problems?


Just wondering if these look OK. I have been having a lot of Hypothyroidism symptoms and my mother has Graves disease. I was surprised to find out, as the result of the over 40's Health Check, that I am at elevated risk of Diabetes as I am one point away from being prediabetic. These are the only results I was given. Thanks in advance!

TSH - 0.83

Free T3 - 3.7

Free T4 - 14.2

Thyroglobulin Antibodies -21

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Hi do you have ranges to your levels? If so include these in brackets next to each result. :)

Thanks for your reply. I had the HbA1C test. I was a bit shocked to see it was high as I don't really fall into the 'at risk' categories! Would it be wise to investigate a little further with my GP?

Thank you for your advice. I will have a look at what Central/Tertiary hypo is. I've only been thinking recently that I may be having thyroid related issues as I've been tested for pretty much everything else over the past 2 years. The docs are also saying I may have fibromyalgia and although I believe that some people may well have that condition, I don't think I'm one of them. I'm of the opinion that the docs have run out of options so have said it 'might' be fibro. I have just had unrelated surgery on Thurs so might use that as an excuse to see my GP and ask them to elaborate on my thyroid test results. Thanks again!

Interesting. I had an accident just over a year ago where I smashed my chin on concrete, requiring stitches. Have not really felt well since, having increasing (what I now think of) as thyroid related symptoms. I shall have a look at Lowe. I do feel concerned though, that I will probably get absolutely nowhere with my GP, judging by other people's problems in getting help. Can but try! Thanks for any info you can put my way.

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