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Blood tests & Endo


Im posting for my wife Mandy, she has hypothyroidism. She's not really very well but the doc thinks she's fine. She recently got these test results

TSH 4.3

T4 15.7

Shes always very tired, cant loose weight, looses loads of hair, and is really fed up. But she told him last time she was there that she wanted to see someone because she feels rotten.

Doc says he may send her to an endo. We've read on here that there is a list of good endos someone has ? After lots of reading on here thinking she might not be converting.

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Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for the list of thyroid friendly endos. See who is in your area and ask on the forum for feedback, replies will have to be by private message.

Ranges are necessary when posting test results as they differ from lab to lab. Despite no range, it's obvious that TSH is high, either very near the top or even over range. Can't comment on FT4 other than it will be in range.

You should also ask for thyroid antibodies to be tested.

It would be a good idea to get a full thyroid panel plus vitamins and minerals tested which include FT3 (will show of she is converting), both types of thyroid antibodies (NHS generally tends to do just one). You can also see whether vitamins and minerals are optimal.

Blue Horizon and Medichecks both do a home fingerprick test



If you post results then members will comment.


Ok thank you Seasidesusie we will do. You are a very kind lady


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