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I need some help and opinions on what is going on with the t3 medication

I begain taking t3 back in February this year i started very slow building up every few weeks, it was actually making me feel worse but i was persevering, well i ran out of that t3 from greese (the supplyer that has now ran off with so many peoples money including my own) and a very nice lady sent me some she actually brought from greese herself i started taking these and after a few days i started improving feeling better nails growing hair stopped falling (i was so greatlful) well they ran out about 2 weeks ago, now im back on the t3 i brought from the greese supplier b4 they stopped sending it out and im back to feeling like death again worse than b4 taking any medication! I so confused as its the same brand but feel awful on it I dont know what is going on. iv tried t4 and amour and had bad reactions to them im scared that i will be stuck like this 😭 the fatigue is crippling (i have been told i will have to have my thyriod removed due to cancer so i will have no choice but to take meds) as i feel absolutely terrible i have been trying to self medicate before my opp. Im also getting married in a few weeks and im struggling to get dressed daily as so fatigued i need to know whats going on quickly :,(

I have tried the mexican t3 and that doesnt agree with me either, seems its only that t3 that lovely lady sent me has helped

I have not tried any from Cyprus or turkey i would really appreciate if someone could dm me a reliable sore for either of these countrys im desperate.

Feel like im just tipping money down the drain and not getting anywhere. feel like im just waiting to die at this point. Im 38 female just wanting to make it down the aisle 😢

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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I am sorry you are in a predicament and I hope everyone gets their money refunded or T3 supplied soon.

Those who have been able to source a supply of T3 will respond but I will close the post for comments on the forum, just in case someone inadvertently states their source and members will reply to you by a Private Message and you will be alerted you have a message.

I am also sorry you may have your thyroid gland removed due to cancer and hope th situation is resolved soon. Have your thought of trying an NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones) there are several that can be sourced.

If you want to respond to me, click on my name and then message.

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