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Hi just received my letter from consultant and has my last results from April could someone translate please.

TSH of 1.18mu/l with FT4 of 15.3pmol/l the HbA1c was 36mmol/mol with an eGFR of 69ml/min the correct calcium was 2.18 mmol/l cholesterol 5.5 with vit D of 72 nmol/l the tpo antibodies in Nov 2015 was raised at 1300, vit B12 done in 2015 was 317 normal. Thankyou

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Tulip51 - if you can edit your post and add the reference ranges for your test that will help members to comment on your results. Numbers on their own are generally pretty meaningless.


Oh I see this was what I copied from my letter so guess I'm better off going to gp for results print off.. thankyou x

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