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Ups and downs

Just an up date for the interested. Things have been steadily improving then a friend died and the stress of it all was pretty brutal and as a result of a wake, poor dietary choices it was a rapid down hill slide.

Called Roderick on skype (his preferred chat method) in a state of concern (read panic) as I noticed he was online... does the man never sleep, it was 3 am.

So in no uncertain terms he gave my a dressing down fit for a RSM. Followed by being very compassionate and humorous. Got me back on track, organised some blood tests. Tests returned within 48 hours (eat your heart out NHS), got me to do a few things discovered a low T3 (lower than before).

I am now back on track and realising that I have to stick to the rules, it was the pop tarts that did it honest!

Looking at it it all it was a fortunate reality check, as they say 'what works, works. so don't try and fix it'.

Lesson learnt is that this is a life option so behave!


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Thanks for posting, OldC. I'm glad you're back on track now.


Thank you Clutter.

I can now say I am back to where I was with a better appreciation of what it was like to be grindingly unwell and then be better. I suppose I was wandering around on a cloud of euphoria thinking I was well. I had totally misunderstood the need for continuation and didn't quite understand that when you feel better, it does not necessarily mean that you are fully healed. I suppose that can be said as part of the problem that I experienced with the NHS that when they found a value and it changed subtly they said job done. However the value did not reflect my state of being. As a result of all this yesterday I went through every single cupboard in the house and donated high carbohydrate and sugar laden foods to the food bank. It also broke my heart to give the toaster to a hostel, it was a very nice expensive toaster!

Ultimately the lesson learned is that I have two self monitor self medicate and be my own judge jury and executioner if I want to have this newfound rather pleasant pain-free lifestyle.

Bottom line people we all make mistakes whether they are mistakes of stupidity or ignorance but with a little help we can all get back on track.


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Good for you! 😊


After a year still doing well and off for a costal walk tomorrow. Its a rather odd thought but as I am getting older I am getting healthier. Still doing as I am told with the odd dietary adventure.

All in all, 'Looking good'.

Thank you Roderick


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