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Thyroid UK 2017 Conference!

Thyroid UK 2017 Conference!

We are very pleased to announce the Thyroid UK 2017 Conference!

Our conference, which is being held on 30th September at the Cotswold Water Park Hotel in Cirencester, will give you an opportunity to learn about Hashimoto’s disease including testing, diagnosis and what you can do to help yourself. You will meet up with people you can relate to and enjoy a relaxing day in this beautiful venue.

For more info and to purchase tickets go to:

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Excellent venue ! - not sure the listed speakers would have me jumping on a plane from Greece though ! I really enjoyed the last Conference with Dr Kendrick - Martyn Hooper - Dr Chris Steele and met lots of lovely people .... Was hoping to repeat the experience 😊


We picked speakers who knew their stuff about Hashi's and how to deal with it. You will still be able to meet lots of lovely people :-)


I agree but this is reflected in the price.


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