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Tomboy Nicky

Hello everyne,

My name is Nicky and I have been diagnosed with Under active Thyroid, it is giving me a hard time, as my mood is up and down I cry alot, this is not normal for me. They need to get the dose right which is going between 50mg to 75mg then to 100mg. Also I have had alot of problems in my past so I am on Hormone Replacement as well as eastregen.

I hope peole can advice me about then.


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Nicky, if you post your test results, with reference ranges , as suggested in reply to your previous post, then members can help. There's really nothing anybody can say without seeing your results.

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This is Nicky again my Thyroxin result is Serum TSH level (DM) - Normal-No action but I think my body needs to get used to the Thyroxin as the tablets are working but just needs to get used to it to make me not feel low.


Nicky, 'normal' doesn't mean anything other than it is somewhere within the range. It:s where in the range that matters. So let's see the numbers, with the reference ranges, which should be something like:

TSH: 2.5 (0.27-4.20)

FT4: 15 (12-22)

Post whatever tests have been done with their results and ranges and members will then be able to comment.


Seasidesusie I have posted what my results say already got them from the doctor yesterday. So is that not what you want as I have nothing else on the sheet of paper.



Serum TSH level (DM) - Normal-No action

There is no result there. There should be a number and a range like I put in my previous reply.

It's not possible for anyone to comment without the numbers. If your GP doesn't have them then the lab who did the test will.


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