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Feedback please


I have just registered. I am a 28yr old female and I had low thyroid diagnosed 5 years ago. I take 75mcg thyroxine once a day and 5mcg t3 twice a day and I feel worse and not better on this dose. I have been sleeping more during the day and periods flooding my clothes. Low libido, more episodes of dry eye and sensitivity to the sun. I think I am becoming underactive again? Thank you for reading.

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When did you last have a blood test? Do you get copies of the results? If not, ask for them. You need to know what is being tested and what the results are.

It sounds like you also need your nutrients tested - vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. So, if you haven't already, ask for those to be done.


I had my last blood test done 2 months ago. Receptionist has refused to give me copies of them. I think vits and mins were done as well.


Hi Kara, your receptionist is breaking the law. You are entitled to your results with ranges. You need more bloods done now to see if you need more levo and or t3. Also the nutrients that greygoose recommended.

Jo xx


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