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All you need to know about getting your online medical records and test results in England


This link is all you need to start the process. Please note that some NHS details on individual practices may not have been updated. THEY ALL HAVE TO DO IT

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We used to be able to see our records (not test results) online, although the detail was minimal, however that facility is no longer available at our practice.

DJR1 in reply to bantam12

Please see the leaflet I have posted and the link to read all of it

AngieAsh in reply to bantam12

Hi Bantam. Was it using systemonline please? That is the one I am having trouble with.

bantam12 in reply to AngieAsh

Ours uses Emis

DJR1 in reply to bantam12

Emis is the best to see records it takes one check box to allow the pt to see their detailed coded access. I actually have the GP set up instructions for Emis. My OH works for the NHS in this area. Pls email Juliet Bauer or PatientOnline they will sort this for you

That's really useful. Thanks for posting.

I'm moving house to be nearer to the family. I'd heard a rumour that all the practices in the main town near her had stopped accepting new patients and this website confirms that. May make a difference to where I look for my new house - once I've got a firm offer on this one.

Hmm.thank you... I went to the site and checked and it says that my surgery has records online, ask them though and they say they don't. I get an error message when I try to access test results. Does it depend whether they signed you up with 'systemonline' or 'evergreen'? I was signed up with sytemonline, maybe that one is not completed yet. Has anyone else had problems with systemonline? My docs got a poor rating, not surprised.

I signed up with System Online a few years ago, at the time our surgery only showed the basics such as appointments and childhood vaccinations. The boxes for test results etc were there but I couldn't access it.

Then in late February when I had to visit the surgery I asked about how and if I could get access to my results and was told there was a form I should fill in and that I should tick any of the boxes that I previously hadn't been able to.

It took a while to be actioned but now I can see my results online. The only niggling thing about it is only being able to look at 2 months at a time of any given year. I wanted to check on previous tests and found it a real faff keep having to change dates.

DJR1 in reply to AngieAsh

From info leaflet

Through your GP practice you may have a choice of multiple sites to access online services.

Online services sites currently in use:

Patient Access

Evergreen Life/i-Patient


Engage Consult

Patient Services

The Waiting Room

Check with your GP practice for more information.

We previously had VisonOnline - but local practice has recently changed to PatientEmis (which I thought was the new "standard" system?)

DJR1 in reply to Aurora12

Yes Emis is one of the best. V easy to set up for pt Record Access.

Thank you!

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