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High TSH~normal range Free T3, T4

I am a newby, but have learned so much from this forum! I was diagnosed over a year ago with Hashimoto's and sent home without any meds. I am positive for the antibodies. Today I received results from my Thyroid/Adrenal test and my

TSH was 5.080 range 0.358-3.74 High

DHEA-S was 23.3 range 35-430. Low

Other tests were within range include Total T4, Free T3 T4, Cortisol was within range but on the low side, Anti TPO Ab, Anti thyroglobulin Ab, Thryoglobulin and TGB which also was on the very low side as well. The Endocrinologist that I saw was a dip and I am searching for a Functional Medicine doctor that can help me. I would welcome any advice or direction regarding a protocol. I realize I probably need further hormone testing prior to supplementing DHEA, are there any suggestions on other tests ?

Thanks in advance for any info that could assist me in feeling better!

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Please post all of your blood tests and ranges, including the 'normal ones'. The 'normal range' is a confusing thing - we all have a different point in those ranges that are normal for us personally.

Most Endrocrinologists in reality are diabetic speicalists with very limited understanding of other hormones.


The aim is to get your FT4 and FT3 in the upper third of the range or even in the top quarter and the ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab so without them we really would be guessing.


We need to see your FT3 and FT4 results, with ranges. "Within range" isn't necessarily helpful; you will probably feel better if your FT3 is within the upper half of the range. Also, perhaps your TSH is so high because your FT3 and/or FT4 are too low in their ranges. On the other hand, if TSH is high and FT3 and FT4 are both high in their ranges, that could point to another problem, like hormone resistance or ESS.

You need a competent practitioner to help you find a way to push your antibodies toward zero. Most endos are CLUELESS about food sensitivities and environmental medicine.

Supplementing DHEA isn't a big deal. Basically, you want to supplement enough to bring your DHEA-S level close to top of range for a 35-year-old (or even higher if under 35 - see age ranges). I came across one anti-aging doctor who recommends that DHEA-S be in the range 300-400 mcg/dl for all his older male patients. (Sorry, I do not recall what his recommendation is for females, but maintaining your DHEA-S close to top of range for a 35-year-old female is probably appropriate.) I find I need 25mg DHEA daily; I suspect most females will need 10-15mg daily.


Thanks to all who have offered valuable information to help me feel better. I will post all tests with results so that a more accurate evaluation can be made.

DHEA-S result 23.3 range 35-430

TSH. result 5.080 range 0.358- 3.74

T4 Total. result 7.4. range 4.5- 12.5

T3 Free. result. 3.8. range 2.2-4.0

T4 Free. result 1.16. range .76-1.46

Cortisol. result 4.8. range 3.1-22.4

Anti TPO Ab. result 20.5. range 0.0-35.0

Anti-thyroglobulin. <20. range ND-40

Thyroglobulin. result 47.2. <=55

TBG. result 16.4. range. 14-31

This forum is so helpful for newbies like me who just want the truth with no nonsense. I have been gluten free and grain free for over a year, and limited dairy. I have also been tested for food sensitivity with no obvious culprit. I also show markers for RA although at the present time I am not having any symptoms. Also, in the past couple of weeks, I am showing signs of insulin resistance or early pre-diabetes. Extreme thirst, dry mouth and eyes, and have to urinate at least 10 times during the night. I am searching for the root cause of all these symptoms......they are all symptoms of the same problem. You guys are right, most all of the specialist that I have seen are clueless to food sensitivities and environmental medicine. I guess the reason that I was not given meds is because I am within range. Most folks that are hypothyroid are cold, I am the opposite. I am unable to regulate my body heat and will be soaking wet just sitting at my computer. I am 54 years young and went through the change over 2 years ago. It is so annoying. I am willing to do everything that it takes to get well, and your helpful knowledge is a great start. Thanks again!

There is comfort in your replies!


I think perhaps you should have begun a new thread with these results. Then the ones in the know will see it.


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