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T4 Keeps Rising


I'm feeling good, still not losing weight. My thyroid US came back a bit enlarged so he recommended that I cut out gluten. It's been a week now mostly GF and my bowel movements are doing MUCH better! I'm still feeling the globus sensation in my throat though. Waiting on free and reverse T3 results still, but my T4 is high. Last year I lowered my levothyroxine dosage because I was feeling very hyper (lots of symptoms) and my T3 and 4 were high. Now it's rising again? I've made conscious changes to my diet and exercise as well as added supplements to my daily routine. Would it be ok to lower my dosage because lifestyle wise I'm doing better and overall feeling better? Would this explain the increased T4 again?

Ferritin 33 (6-170)

Iron Saturation 16 (15-55)

TSH 1.350 (0.27 - 4.2)

Thyroglobulin 45.7 (0-4)

He hasn't put up my T3/4 yet just said that my T4 was high.

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I think you need to tell people what your actual thyroid test results are with the ranges in order for them to be able to comment.

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