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Question about hashimotos flare

Hi , my recent blood tests results ( private tests ) readings are quite high , apart from the tsh . Was wondering if a hashimotos flare could have caused a high reading ?

My test results are

Ft4 33.9 (12-22)

Free t3 8.51 (3.01-6.8)

Tsh 0.005 (0.27-4.2)

Even though my temp is normal and resting pulse rate 60 and still suffering constipation , brain fog , aching muscles and joints

Pain , I don't know if i had a flare or not .

Can you be having a hashimotos flare and still be having symptoms of hypothyroidism .

I was on 150 thyroxine and 10 t3 , I have now reduced my dose since my test results to no t3 and 125 thyroxine .

This disease can be so confusing😟

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks x

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Well, it does look like it could be. And, yes, you could still have hypo symptoms, because it takes time to get rid of them, it's not instant when your FT3 rises.

But, do you have another test on the same dose, to compare?


Last test was a year ago but not on same dose then . That's the first time iv'e had my t3 tested

Thanks for your reply

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