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Hello I've been to two doctors this is confusing my Endo says I should stay on my medication I'm on 75 levo my GP says I'm borderline and that I don't need medication when I was off my medication for 5 months I just went off it cold turkey I got it tested in 5 months it was 7.1 my TSH I'm wondering was my thyroid trying to go back to what a normal range is or do I just need medication I've been on it for 10 years please help with this

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Endocrinologists should have more specialist knowledge than a GP (general practitioner).

TSH 7.1 is neither normal nor borderline, it is hypothyroid.

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It is likely your GP is following some guidelines that state that if the TSH is under 10 the patient has sub-clinical hypothyroidism and there is no need to medicate them unless they have symptoms.

However other research disputes this view and states that if the TSH is over 3 then the person is hypothyroid so should be treated. This is because hypothyroidism if not treated can cause heart problems, period problems, infertility, mental health problems and many more problems. (Some of these you have already mentioned in your previous posts.)

Regardless as the endo is the specialist and agrees you should stay on that dose, then you should follow the endo's advice.

Having had problems with a previous GP practice myself and members of my family having problems with other GP practices, I'm cynical when it comes to a GP telling patient not to follow a specialist's advice especially when not following the advice means that the GP practice saves money in their budget. They save money as they don't have to spend it on testing and reviewing you on a regular basis.

Oh and levothyroxine is a replacement hormone - this means if your body doesn't make it then you need to replace it.

I suggest you read the main thyroiduk site - thyroiduk.org.uk as it contains lots of useful information.


without your blood tests we cant tell

always ensure you get a copy of all results and keep in a file


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