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Help on latest results please


Here are my latest results can someone help me understand them

Serum TSH level 2.4mu/l -(0,35 -4.7)

Reduced since May then 7.2

Serum Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 1000um/L (0.0 -75.0) suggestive Hashimoto

Serum free T4 12poml/L (7.8-21.0)

Up since May then 9.6

Serum B12- 181pmolL (115.0 - 1000.0

Up since May then 137

Serum Ferritin 51 ugL

Up since May was 30

Foliate in May 18.1 ugL not retested in June?

Urea and electrolytes all Serum appear to be middle of ranges

Full Bloody count again all appear in middle ranges.

Good. Pick felt all was ok and was going to send me off and put referral through to skin and hair specialist for hair loss did not ask about any other symptoms as he probably feels I'm more worried about my hair. I suggested to HIM he might consider increase in Levo when a light bulb moment happened and he said raise it to 125 from 200 and cancel the referral and to have bloods redone on 4 weeks. No mention of the Thyroid peroxidase or suggestion of trying a gluten free diet which I have already started last Friday.

I am going to see the head of practice on Monday as I am feeling fobbed off but don't want to appear to be as though I'm a hypochondriac. So need some substantive facts to go in with if possible please.

Still waiting for Zinc results.

Thanks Netty. X

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Hardly any GP's (or endo's) know of Hashimoto's connection to gut, gluten and low vitamins, or if they do know they don't acknowledge it

Might if your lucky suggest testing for coeliac, but this can be very difficult to diagnose and is often missed

Non coeliac gluten sensitivity is barely recognised as existing at all, yet it's very common with Hashimoto's


What dosage of levo are you on now? Your TSH is still too high, T4 should be higher in the range and of course they haven't checked T3. Your B12 is way too low and we need to see ranges for ferritin and folate, but they probably aren't good either. Also you need to check Vit D. I would get a full private test from Blue Horizon or medichecks for about £70 , if you can afford it and not rely on GP surgery. They are being seriously neglectful in not treating your lamentable B12 level.

You are doing the right thing going GF when you have Hashimotos, positive for TPO antibodies. I don't now why they think that result of 1000 is suggestive, its way OTT and staring them in the face!!!

Once you have all your results with ranges others will comment. You could take a look on pernicious anaemia site re B12


Sorry looking back on text some of it was confusing.

I was on 100mg levo until I managed to persuade the GP to increase it on Thursday to 125mg as I thought 2.4 was still a little too high after other comments on here.

I am on B12 tablets 50mg but he gave me 100 so I've I've been taking 100mgs my decision but this still resulted in a low result that he thinks is fine even though I told him I've still feeling foggy he put that down to TSH (which he wasn't going to increase!!) Latest result was 181 pmol/L - 115.0 - 1000.0

I'm on 200mgs of Ferrous sulfate the latest result was 51ug/l which has risen by 20.there are no ranges beside these results.

What I need help with is when I see the practice manager on Monday what can I do to persuade her that some of these results are still low as they don't seem to feel the same and as for the Hashimoto result this was not even mentioned and like you I think the results are extremely OTT but he just said Hashi as though there was no point in talking about it because there is nothing that can be done.

I'm at my wits end all I want to do is feel normal and then I won't be knocking on the GPS door all the time.

Thanks any advice appreciated.



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