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Over Active thyroid

I have been on meds since April, been refered to Endocrine Gland Specialist since April, still not been seen, 22 weeks waiting list!

Also has anyone been to a Pharmacy and they have got your meds wrong?

This happened to me last week, im dyslexic, the way my brain works i have to take 2 pills a day 2 x 20mg, the Pharmacy gave me 5g, but on the label 2 x 20mg, for 5 days I was on 10mg when I should be been 40g, my husband noticed the mg.

This has totally mucked me up, the stress and side affects of this condition, I feel as if im going crazy😥

Phoned my surgery today, being pushed to pillar to post with the hospital, referral management line and my surgery.

No one seems to care!!

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. I hope you made a strong complaint to the pharmacist. If it happens again you can report to pharmacyregulation.org/cont...

There are long waiting lists for endo referrals but hyperthyroid patients are usually referred as a matter of urgency so I hope you won't actually have to wait 22 weeks. In the meantime your GP should monitor your blood levels every few weeks and adjust dose accordingly. GP can contact endocrinology for advice if necessary.


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