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Feeling jittery and odd


Have been transistioning from trial of NDT to Thyroxine and t3 .Before this ws on t3 40/45 mcg a day split into 3 doses for 3 years.Before that on thyroxine 112.5 for /150 for 16 years.

So now on 50 mcg thyroxine 10 mcg t3 at 0700 and 10 t3 at 1200 midday.On day 27 of thyroxine and t3 .Today I feel really odd and jittery.Feel bad all day every day anyway but worse now.A dr sad he felt my whole system is haywire due to all the changes of doses over the years ,one dr told me he felt I may be should not of gone on thyroxine in the first place.So much confusion as all bloods really good and optimal except for vit d ,for which I am supplementing.Dr feel I have fibromyalgia or cfs.but I am baffled that becoming so ill 4 years ago there is no answer to why I feel so ill,hence me trying all these thyroid medications.Anyone help why am I feeling so odd at present and what has happened to me 4 years ago and has anyone else got wosre suddenly and not got better.It used to be a dose change would make me feel better but now nothing works and all symptoms magnified tenfold.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. You've made a number of changes but always gradually which is sensible and I'm sorry nothing seems to have helped you. I'm stumped how to help you. I hope your doctors will be able to help eventually.

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