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Hello Everyone

Thanks for welcoming me to this site. I'm a Sydney-sider with Hashimoto's, diagnosed 15 months ago; still not on the right cocktail of meds, but overall improving... s l o w l y. Changed endos recently, saw an intergrative GP, Dietitian- the lot. Was just so fed up with my first, junior endo who was obsessed with the TSH readings and completely ignored how deeply unwell I felt. Am Coeliac too, diagnosed 15 years ago and on strictly gluten-free since then. Current endo is very experienced, eminent in his field and says I can expect to be feeling much better and stable health-wise within a couple of months. Lordy me, I hope so! Feel like I've been hyper / hypo / Coeliac all my life, struggling on regardless, and not knowing why it's been such a struggle at times. Since 2 months ago I'm on a mix of T4 and slow release T3 (twice daily). With T3 the deep depression and thick brain-fog lifted within a few days. Still do not feel 100% but it is such a relief to feel I have brain function back. Looking forward to to sharing experiences here and understanding more about this often debilitating auto-immune disease. BBxxx

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Hi - how are your levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? All need to be good/optimal for thyroid hormones to work well and for you to be well 😊

Good luck on your journey to wellness.


Yep, they're all good, within normal range. I was very low in iron (folate, ferritin) last year, but ok now following supplements for about 6 months. Take vitamin D at end of each day (as far away from T4/3 as I can. Calcium and protein rich, healthy, GF diet. Have also made major life changes to reduce / eliminate unhealthy levels of stress. Much more relaxed now, taking care of myself and even getting to the gym once or twice a week. Sigh... doing all I can. Recovery is sooo slow I find. Still, I remind myself how lucky I am to have treatment and medical care available... so I persist :-) Thank you very much for your welcome.

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When you have been on this forum for a little while you will notice that we always ask for actual results with ranges. This is because we know that so many people think that being in range is just fine - but of course where you are in range is key. Am sure you are optimal with Ferritin and Folate around mid-range - VitD around 60 ( ng/L ?? ) or 100 if nmol/L and B12 well over the 500 hundred mark. Very few Docs seem to understand ....

I am passionate about B12 having had surgery over 43 years ago that removed the Terminal Ileum - the place where B12 is metabolised before returning to the liver. Sadly they forgot to tell me I would need B12 for life and so I live with the consequences. Do you supplement B12 ? What were your levels before ?

You can click onto my name and read my profile :-) - only takes a couple of minutes !

Do not overdo the gym and use up all that precious T3 !! - otherwise you will have greygoose on your case :-)

Do you always have copies of all your test results ? - it makes for easier posting and for you to track your health. Apologies if I sound bossy !!


Ha! You do sound bossy, but enthusiastic too, which is good :) Yes, I notice people share a lot of very detailed, personal information and I will have to reflect on this, if this is OK for me. Interesting what you say about the levels of B12 etc. Am sorry to hear you are having to manage that ongoing and I hope it is OK overall. Yes, I will checkout your profile etc, thank you. Lots of information here and it will take a while to get familiar. Wishing you well. BB.


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