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T3 Supply Withdrawal



I have been taking a very high dose of T3 for the last 3 years and was originally prescribed them by Dr Skinner, combined with a low dose of T4 as it makes my skin itch unbearably. I also have a problem with converting T3 to T4. Like so many others, I felt that I got my life back when I started taking T3 and cannot imagine the thought of not being able to take it and no alternative being available to me. My GP has said that because of funding, it will be withdrawn from their practice, but cannot/will not tell me when this will be. I am waiting to hear back from the practice pharmacist for advice who seems to be avoiding my calls! I intend to get in touch with the practice GP next to try and get some answers. However, I would like to have a back-up plan in place for when my meds are stopped and wondered if anyone would be kind enough to message me privately on a new link, how I can purchase online from a reputable source abroad or if anyone has made any recent over the counter purchases from abroad. I currently take 3 lots of 2 tablets every day, (I know this is a high dose...I am still overweight btw :( and 50mcg T4. I am sure that my GP will refuse to supply non privately as I must be costing their surgery an awful lot of money. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount I can purchase OVC? Obviously, I would need to make a trip abroad worth while and 6 tablets/day is a lot of tablets. I wonder if I saved some of my old prescriptions so that they could see that I was a genuine case might help. I am worried that they might think I am supplying them, (which a pharmacist has suggested in the past) despite having my 6 monthly blood tests...very annoying and upsetting. I would be extremely grateful for any advice that anyone has. Drew

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Show your GP the FAQS for GPs produced by the BTA british-thyroid-association... It clearly states that T3 should not be withdrawn on cost basis alone.

If a pharmacist ever insinuates you are selling prescription meds report them to the General Pharmaceutical Council pharmacyregulation.org/cont...

You can import as much T3 as you need for your personal use. The only country I'm aware of where T3 is available without prescription is Turkey. Alternatively you buy T3 online without prescription.

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