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Can someone help me regarding my thyroid disease I'm getting desperate

Hi and good morning, I wanted to ask if anyone with thyroid disease have the symptoms I've had thyroid disease for the last 4 years plus and since I've been diagnosed I've been getting stomach pains pelvic pains and pains in the legs to be honest I'm even getting pains all over my body but the worst is the stomach and swollen and painful legs since I've had thyroid disease I will be having an operation in the next couple of months to remove half my thyroid but the doctors are considering to remove the whole thyroid can anyone help me and give me advice on what you think this maybe I have changed my diet but get flare ups depending what's going on in my life. I also had to have a medical under the new universal credit scheme and I received a letter a few days ago saying there was nothing wrong with me and I was able to work which to be honest is a joke considering I can only stand up for about an hour before the pain gets so bad in my stomach and legs and body hope you can help me thank you in advance.

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It would help people help you if you could give a little more detail. Do you have any lab results you can share with us (with the ranges)? What is your diagnosis? Are you on any medication? Why are they going to remove your thyroid? It's impossible to make any suggestions without knowing all these things. Sorry. :)


Hi sweetie

I'm having a pre-assessment on the 18th of July this year I know it'll only be a few weeks after I have an operation to have half of it removed not fully removed if I have it completely removed and there's a good chance that I will put a lot of weight on, once that's been done and go for the healing process I will then go on to T3 and T4 to maintain and keep everything going

It's been a hard three years as it's not just the thyroid but the symptoms that go with it apart from palpitations depression and swollen legs pains in my legs pains in my stomach joint and muscle pain tiredness fatigue and lightheadedness and the list goes on it's been been in a dark place for some time, does anyone else out there with a thyroid who get swollen painful legs and even in my arms ??? Please reply as it will stop me worrying and I can focus on the operation knowing it will go once I have head this procedure done

Thank you in advance



Well, we still don't know much about you. Not enough to give you any help. Are you hypo or hyper? Have you had antibodies tested? Do you have cancer?

Once you have had the operation, you are going to be permanently hypo, so you are going to need to take charge of your health. Always, always ask for a print-out of your blood tests. If you aren't dosed correctly on thyroid hormone replacement, you won't feel any better than you did before the operation. That's about all I can say without knowing more about you. :(


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