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Low t4 help

Hi people

Wonder if anybody can help with my results

I got my thyroid results and do not understand them.

TSH 1.14 0.27-4.2 mIL/u

Free t4 12.7 12-22 pmol

Free t3 5.5 3.1-6.8 pmol

My symptoms are tiredness and lethargy. My eyes feel constantly tired.

The results do not make sense to me .

Everything looks good apart from borderline low t4. Could I benifit from t4?

Thanks for any replies

Kind regards

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if your not on any thyroid replacement meds it looks to me like you have central hypothyroid

but we need a lot more info

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Thanks for your quick response.

Im not on any meds , but wondered it I would benifit from any t4 supplementation .

I find it hard to gain weight. I can eat so much! I'm pretty slim too

I work out twice a week .

This is why I cannot put my finger on these results.

Before i got my results I thought they were more likely to be hyper ... being not able to gain weight etc.

If I stop working out I also rapidly lose any muscle that I gained. which is another reason I thought I would be more hyper than hypo.



Or you might consider gut issues, hidden food intolerance (gluten most likely) or silent coeliac. Especially if any/all of the vitamin levels are very low and you eat a high nutrient & balanced diet

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Never actually thought of that one(gluten).

I will Google about that and get some info.



You need to get vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels checked, plus thyroid antibodies.

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Hi slows

Thanks for reply

My B12 is in good range.

My Vit D was very deficient about a year ago but all good now.

The others I need to get checked.



You may need to always keep an eye on vitamin D if you have tendency to be deficient. When was it last checked? What was most recent result.

B12 works alongside folate, so they both need to be at good levels. B12 you can have functional deficiency at relatively high & in range levels

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Cannot find my most recent results but they were above average (About 2 months ago)

they were about 11 when I was first diagnosed. Cannot remember the ranges... but that was very low. I remember that.

Thanks again



adam if you work out twice a week that would normally deplete T3

its possible that t4 is low because you are converting t4 like mad to keep up

i agree with others about seriously looking at your diet both from a gluten and dairy perspective but also everything you eat and most importantly what its cooked in

One of the most toxic and damaging things which no one thinks about is the use of aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware ...they are toxic and should be got rid of

use only stainless steel or cast iron or glass

and that means avoiding anything that the food industry has their habpnds in because virtually every food factory has Aluminium lines and cookware especially restuarants

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My diet is very good and healthy, maybe something is not agreeing with me like you say. Some intolerance or something.

Would t4 not help me at all?



I do not think t4 at this stage is helpful ...look very carefully at what you eat and how its cooked first ...you have ignored my question about what cookware you use

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Thanks again for reply.

Yes I was out and rushed reply.

About cookware and cooking I know about that,and in our household we are very good and carful about what we use.

As for dining out that's a tough one as you will know



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