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thyroid readings sylvie


a few weeks ago i was asked by a few members to give my readings its taken a long time to get access to my file they are as follows

TSH = 0.17 (0.38-5.5)

serum free T4= 21.4 pmol/L (10-18.7)

folate =14.4 (3.4-15.8)

ferritin = 68ng (22-322)

Vit D = 51.4 no way of knowing how that figures

Vit B12= 269ng/l (211-911)

in April 2016 the TSH was 4.38

there is no T3 measurment at all

for me it looks like Vit b12 and ferritin are low but i dont understand the implications

tsh is low and t4 high

i take 100 mg thyroxin and 70 and have been taking it thyroxin for 15 years

can anyone interpret these indicators please

many thanks


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If you are not feeling well you could increase your TSH a little to between 0.5 and 1.0 by reducing Levothyroxine slightly, very slightly. I think ferritin levels may depend on age and other factors so I'll leave that to others more knowledgable to comment. Vitamin B12 is low in range but it depends how you feel. Many people feel better when they are high in range and I've found for me that Levothyroxine stays steadier and is more effective when B12 is optimal.

SYLVIE15 in reply to Nanaedake

Hi Nanaedake

many thanks for your reply i am 70 and for the past year have felt very tired pins and needles in fingers aching muscles shaky when under exertion which is not me despite my age i am young normally fit and energetic and slim

so i thought the thyroxin was under but it isnt

back in 2016 my reading were different but they have never before taken my Vit levels

nor have i ever seen as specialist

is that normal


Nanaedake in reply to SYLVIE15

Hello Sylvie

If you have hypothyroidism it's usually managed in primary care at your GP surgery if you are in the UK. Endocrinologists are thin on the ground and judging by reading the posts on this site, GP's often know more than they do about thyroid. They have not done a blood test for autoimmune thyroid disease so you could get that done. Read Thyroid UK's website to find out more about Autoimmune thyroid conditions and what tests need to be done. You need to find out what the vitamin D laboratory range is to know whether it's low or not. As we age we don't always absorb vitamin B12 as well as we should so it could be worth asking your doctor about it. You could try reducing your levothyroxine slightly as you may not need quite so much nowadays.

SYLVIE15 in reply to Nanaedake

thankyou for the reply and info nanaedake

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