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Help with test results

Help with test results

I have had some repeat bloods after being on Vit D and iron. I take 100mcg of levothyroxine (and have hashimotos)

The last few weeks I have been noticing the lump in my throat sensation again and have had a hoarse voice

Are the results ok or should I speak to the doctor about anything? I never want to bother them unnecessarily

I can only add one photo which shows my recent results

In May

Vit D was 23.07 nmol/L (50.0 - 140.0)

Ferritin 12 ug/L (13.0 - 150.0)

TSH 1.49 min/L (0.25 - 5.0)

Thank you all in advance for your help

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Your vitamin D has come up nicely. How much were you taking? You can switch to a maintenance dose, that may be 1000iu, but with Hashimoto's you may find it needs to be a little higher. Check it again after 2-3 months

Ferritin is still too low, most advice is to aim to get it to around 70.

How about B12 & folate, were they not checked this time. Your last test B12 was on low side

You have Hashimoto's, so are you on gluten free diet? Your high antibodies suggest probably not. If not you probably want to consider trying it. Very many of us find it helps reduce symptoms and may lower antibodies slowly


When do you take your Levo? If you don't take it at bedtime already, you might find better uptake by doing so


TSH is creeping up, but without FT4 & FT3 you can't see where you are.


Thank you, I will keep on with the iron tablets. I think the recent good weather will have also helped the vitamin D 😊

They didn't test FT4 and FT3 this time, perhaps I should be asking for that.

I haven't taken the plunge re gluten free it seems like such a major decision with impacts on family life etc too. I will have to think about that one.

Thank you for looking at this for me, I get so bamboozled by all the numbers. The doctors don't seem to be bothered if the numbers are 'in range' and they don't understand hashimotos at all (nor do I if I am honest)


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