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Hyperthyroid blood results interpreted

Anti nuclear antibodies came back negative ??

Anti ccp 2 u/ml range 0-10

Free t4 16.5 pmol/l range 10.5-22.0

Total t3 1.5 nmol/l range 1.08-2.9

Tsh 1.45 MLB/l range 0.27 -4.20

Calcium 2.22 mil/l range 2.15-2.55

Albumin 44 g/l range 39-51

Total bilirubin 7 umol/l range 1-21

ALP 87 u/l range 35-104

ALT 16 u/l range 0-40

So not sure what these mean any help would be appreciated.

I asked for ferritin folate, vit b12 and vit D but don't see them on test results.

I guess according to this the doctor thinks it's all in my head🙈

As will my endocrinologist tomorrow!

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Hi, your results don't indicate hyperthyroid are you on medication at the moment?


Thanks for your reply.No not on meds..5 wks post right lobe thyroidectomy..so obviously not hyper at moment but still symptoms of insomnia sweats etc


Ah, I see there's quite a few members that have had surgery and will be able to comment. It will take a bit of time for your body to adjust.


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