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weigh in update......shocked

last week i had a 6.5lb gain due to water

last night i expected maybe 2-3lb off

i blind weighed as usual and the girl weighing smiled at me so i had a look and said 3lb off, she said no, i looed again and my eyes aint the best so i said 4 1/2 lb off she said no you lost 9.5lb i said no way so i got back on the scales and looked at the screen and OMG i lost 9.5 lb i couldnt believe it and i still had swelling but nowhere near as bad as last week so now im back on track with -3lb loss

im still in shock

thats the weight of a baby and more

im still grinning from ear to ear

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Well done you xxx


Well done that's a tremendous loss.


Fantastic mandy72 Go girl !


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