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I'm new,need guidance concerning westhroid

New to your group. I could use some advice concerning westhroid. When I started on westhroid it was amazing for 3weeks. My basil was going up to 98.1, my stress level was manageable, and most of all I completely stopped biting my nails! After 3weeks I titration by going up to 11/2 pills of westhroid. No changes whatsoever. Now, 3 months later,I'm back to all my previous symptoms and biting my nails.

Any suggestions?

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Well 1.5 grains. ( assuming they are 1 grain tablets). Isn't really a full replacement dose. It ather sounds like you re taking enough to stop your thyroid producing any hormonesc, but not enough to make you well.

Have you been following the protocol whereby you increase by half a tablet every 6 weeks or so, until you feel its a bit much, then drop back to the dose that made you feel well?

What are your blood levels of free t3? Dont let thefm go over ranve, but keep them at the top end of the range.

My replacement dose is 3 grains, i feel fine on 4 but it pushes my ft3 over range.

G x


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