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Rt3 and ratio


I want to know if my rt3 is okay and also the ratio.

I hope somebody can help.

Ft4 is 15 12-22

My ft3 is 4.2 pmol/l range 3.1 6.8

My rt3 is 0.33 range is 0.22 0.54

What is my rt3 ft3 ratio? And is it okay?

Is my rt3 good? I did test rt3 when I was six week of medication do I have a normal result or did I had to do this on thyroid medication?

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Meavis, can you post the units in which your rT3 was measured please. I have tried to reverse engineer your .33 to see if I can guess at your units - but it's after midnight here and I am beginning to fade. I can work it out for you but to get it right I need the units. In the US it is in ng/dL but those are not your units.

This calculation is a nightmare of units because they measure the two quantities in different units - well in the US they do - so then you have to get both quantities in the same units. Anyway, pls post units.



Sorry did not put the measure. It is 0.22 -0.54 nmol/l.

I think it s 12 ?

But my rt3 is low That is good or not? So then the ratio is not okay? This I dont understand how can be one okay and the other not?


Any body?


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