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Where can I get my Armour in UK?

I was diagnosed as underactive thyroid around 18 years ago. As per the NHS guidelines I was prescribed T4 - after regular blood tests I ended up on 175mg per day as my levels showed that this was where I should be, I did try 200mg but had palpitations.

Although I was feeling better than I had been with slightly higher energy levels, I still felt this surely wasn't it - I was 4 stone overweight, puffy eyes, skin, hair, nails. I decided to start researching my condition. I read about Dr Peter Durrant-Smith and went to see at his Crawley clinic, he prescribed me with Armour, T3 and Prednisalone - I had finally found my saviour, this mix worked wonders on me, I finally was my old self again, all my symptoms became under control. Then the unthinkable happened - after a couple of years Dr Durrant had to stop practicing and supplying Armour - I had to source it somewhere else.

I found Dr McGovern who was practicing in Harley St. London - although his consultancy fees were extremely expensive including having to pay for the Armour. I decided to speak to my GP - at first he was aghast that I would be taking this drug but as it was him who originally diagnosed me and knew how bad I was , I reasoned with him and also he could see how well I was looking, by this time I had taken off the 4 stones in weight and I was glowing, he agreed to source the Armour, T3 & Prednisalone.

So my story moves along quite happily, I moved twice to different areas of Essex and had to implore my new GP's why I was on this cocktail and they carried on with my prescription.

Then 3 years ago a new GP started at my surgery and questioned my repeat prescription, he was not happy about prescribing me this and after going through this with him said I should go back onto T4 as the NHS could not supply this any longer.

I asked to referred to a Endocrinologist at Broomfield Hospital Essex who is against Armour, I thought I should give it a go and try T4 again. I have to say this was one of the worse decisions I have ever made. I was under prescribed for 6 months, when I kept trying to contact the consultant I was told by his secretary the level was fine, but I knew I was gradually deteriorating every month - finally being able to get another appointment with the consultant he was shocked that my levels were so low and he told me he had been off work for 6 months after a back op!!!

I went back to my GP and ask to be referred to Addenbrooke Hospital - Prof. Chatterjee, he also is against Armour, although he has now got me to what he believes to acceptable levels, I am not happy to stop here and I feel he is not prepared to take it any further if the levels are showing OK. I am now taking 125mg (T4) and 5mg (T3) daily (2.5 morning & 2.5mg afternoon), my levels are as follows:

TSH = 0.03(L)

Free T4 = 17.8

Free T3 = 5.1

My symptoms are all bad, I have gained 3 stone in weight which I can't shift, no energy, nails, eyes, digestions, skin, swelling ankles, hair loss, lack of libido, joint pains ..... the list goes on.

I think I have come to the conclusion I want to go back on Armour - I know this will have to be private, I need help to find a consultant who will prescribed it for me. I live in Essex - I am prepared to travel.

Thanks for reading my long tail!!

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Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of member recommended endocrinologists but check with their offices that they prescribe NDT before you confirm your appointment.

You might consider buying Armour or some other NDT online and self medicating which will be less expensive than seeing a private endo.


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