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Reduced reference FT4 range

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I'm just posting my recent test results as I went to the GP with symptoms of an overactive thyroid (weight loss, hand tremors, anxiety and severe palpitations and high resting heart rate). I have Hashimotos ( high antibodies TPO and Thyroglobulin) and am not on any medication and have posted here many times. I also have ANA antibodies. I noticed on my NHS results that they have recently narrowed the ref range for FT4 ! Thought I'd post as a matter of interest/discussion. I was pleased with my results and after months of Ferrous Fumerate I have finally got my ferrtin up to the highest point for years! Not sure where I am with my thyroid !? Of course no follow up suggested by GP.......

Hope I've managed to post my results ok! 😬

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The Free T4 reference range starts at 7.7 and upper boundary is 15 there as where I am the range is 11-22. It just means the labs use of instruments that are calibrated differently.

I more concerned about the very wide TSH range your area uses.

BTW have you had your vitamin B12 level checked? Your MCH is above the range.

Elsa1509 in reply to bluebug

Thanks very much Bluebug. My plasma B12 was 399 ng/L and folate 19.9 (nearly at top of ref range) on 10 March. I was a bit concerned about my MCH being over range in this test? I have been supplementing with B12 boost spray front holland & Barrett. Do you think I'm over supplementing? I only spray the recommended dose!

Thank you !

It's not the NHS that have changed the range, it's that particular lab who have changed their apparatus. It won't change anything with the end result, because you have to analyse the result according to the machine it was done on. :)

Elsa1509 in reply to greygoose

Thank you Greygoose. I guess it all means the same but I thought by some miracle the NHS might be narrowing the range for FT4! Looks like I'm well placed in the middle despite my 'hyper' symptoms. I clearly remain a medical mystery ! Thank you 😊

greygoose in reply to Elsa1509

It's perfectly possible to have hyper symptoms whilst hypo. That hormone you take, it isn't shared out evenly across all the cells. Very often, some cells get too much, and others don't get enough. So, some parts of your body are hypo and others hyper. It happens all the time. It's only a mystery to doctors because they know nothing about thyroid!

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