ndt conversion guide here can you please help me out


as my brain is not computing, if i take now levo and liothyronine, at 75mcg t4 and 20mcg t3 -- and i am tired fatiqued eyes watering like raindrops down cheeks all day what dose is equivalent i havent bought ndt for ages and now want to but the pharmacy where i buy it ,had doubled in price for armour.i am sick of feeling so shite. armour i think is better for my than naturethroid but naturethroid i s cheaperbut icant work out the dose. i think i need more than 75 mcg 't4'

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75mcg T4 + 20mcg T3 is equivalent to 135mcg T4 which is equivalent to 2 grains NDT.

oh right so i was taking one quarter grain x6 tabs a day so that was one and half grains then clutter?


Yes, 6 x 1/4 = 1.5 grains.


It would be less expensive if you bought 1 grain tablets and quartered them with a pillcutter to tweak doses.

yes i was tryingto figure out the cheapest way but i thinki need a higher dose really like 2 grains, i am just so tired


Got any thyroid results to share?

i will have soon clutter had them done last wednesday it wil take a while


Okay post them in a new post when they're ready and I'll have a look at them.

ps Are you just trying to raise your game because Poldark starts on Sunday? ;)

willdo thanks clutter

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