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Long term titration for Graves' disease

Hi everyone. Some advise needed please from those with graves that have had it longer than me. I've had it 3 years now. Started with b and r and then a failed remission within 6 months of withdrawing all meds . Started a year ago on titration method with carbo started April 2016 on 20 mg of carbo a day. Got down to 5 mg of carbo day since oct 2016 till now. Have been stable for 6 months on this method. Latest blood results show tsh of 2.54 , t3 at 4.5 and t4 at 13.5. Feeling a bit underactive so have now switched down to 2.5 mg a day of carbo. hoping this will bring my tsh back to the happy zone of 1-1.5 but don't want to over shoot again. What doses have others been able to settle on for a long time or do you find you still have to tweek every 3-6 months or so as you overshoot? Any tips to support adrenals whist I wait for my tsh to get back down. Any other tips welcome for long term management. I don't want rai and what to keep my thyroid gland as long as possible. Also wondering if I will ever be able to wean myself off totally? Or because I've already had a failed remission I'm told this is unlikely. Thanks Alex

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Ps. How long have others been on titration ? 10 years plus?


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