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First step in the right direction...I hope!

After some good advice and research on this site, I had a telephone appointment with my dr today as couldn't get in to see him until July at earliest.

I had all my notes made and was ready to argue my case but he agreed with everything, suggested things I was going to ask for and even mentioned a referral to endocrinology if needed :-)

So after blood test taken on Tuesday (which included T3 and T4 even though nurse said it was just TSH) I am apparently over medicated:

Serum free T4 27.6 (11.00-22.00)

Serum free T3 6.1 (3.10-6.80) normal no action

Serum TSH 0.01 (0.30-4.50)

So dr has said to reduce levothyroxine from 200 to 175 for a month and then go see him. A couple of days before that I need to go for my blood test and will be getting the works I think! T3 and T4, he mentioned antibodies, and when I asked about vit d, b12, ferritin and folate he agreed to those too.

So I'm hoping this is the first step in the right direction. I've been gluten free since Monday and feel lighter - I know that sounds weird but can't think of any other way to describe it! I'm guessing no stodge weighing me down. It is hard but I'm only really missing bread and battered chicken (Chinese dishes). I've also made the effort to avoid fluoride.

Any other advice? I'd really like to quit my (very stressful) job or at least go part time/into a new career but that's just a dream for the foreseeable future :-)

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Once you get your blood results post them on here for comment as to whether and how much you need to supplement. If you have antibodies then going GF is the best thing, it worked for me. Take some Selenium too as that helps with the antibodies. Refreshing to hear about a GP who is willing to work with the patient!


Sounds like you have a very rare, great doctor. Advice? Hang on to him! When I asked my OK- but-not-brilliant Endo to measure vit d, b12, ferritin etc etc he said, "No". I asked him why not, since they were all relevant to the health of one's endocrine system he said, " I don't do that because if you are found deficient then I am responsible for restoring that level!" No, moron, if I am low in Vit. X then I will take a supplement of Vit. X. Duh. But he prescribes NDT so I put up with bewilderingly stupid statements.

One more piece of advice: Hang on to that dream. While you still have your current job, read up and study all you can for your dream. You will be amazed that you can probably make it happen. Set it like a gyroscope within you and if anything you are doing takes you away from that goal, then stop doing that and use your time and energy to take you closer to that goal.


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