Hi is it possible to have levels in range but feel like you flit between under and over all the time? I don't know if it's thyroid or just gut health an anxiety. Stool changes, can't seem to control body temp, sweating, tiredness, irritated, anxious, muscle and joint ache, feeling of a lump in throat (no physical lump) weight loss or don't put on weight, hair thinning, my body feels like it's made of jelly but weighs a ton


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  • Hi Botton11 Im sorry to hear your symptoms as Im familiar with them myself ( my voyage started 2013) at any rate yes, you can be experiencing a thyroid storm. Going from hypo to hyper thyroid. I would suggest a healing bone broth routine (over cooked ( time) chicken soup to ease gut & stay away from gluten & dairy as they are often worst offenders to our thyroid function. Medication may need ajusting as well. Good luck & hugs🌸

  • Boohbette17 thank you for your reply :) I'm not currently on any medication for thyroid only thing that seems to help at the moment is probiotics for my stomach

  • Thats a positive step!! I see so you are not diagnosed w/anything as of yet. Here is a valuable resource . Im giving you a starting link that I hope will give you mote insight & help. Im eternally grateful to Dr.Izabela as she was my starting point.


  • Have you had your antibodies tested?

  • greygoose yh privately and my gp doesn't believe in that test as my other results are normal but I had low b12, folate and d. The test was 81.1 anything under 60 was negative and over 100positive so was kind of a weird result

  • Kind of a weird range. Ask to have them done next time you have and NHS test.

  • greygoose they are taken to NHS hospitals for testing aren't they? Also my gp definitely won't send me for another a he doesn't believe it's a real test haha

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