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25mg and folic acid

Hi this is my first post was just looking for a bit of advice please, 3weeks ago I was told I had an under active thyroid and was put on 25mg of levo and told that my cholesterol Was slightly raised and also that I needed folic acid as I was slightly anemic I have been on the medication for 3 weeks now but don't feel much of an improvement I was also given 2 packs of 50mg of levo by my doctor so do i start on the 50micro when i finish the 25micro or do i have to wait until i get another blood test? The doc has also given me a sheet of paper with my results it says TFT 6/52 LH prolachi 6/52 and chop 6/12 could someone please explain what this means thank you.

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Those appear to be the names of the tests ordered. TFT means thyroid function test which is usually TSH and FT4. Can you ring the GP receptionist and ask what your thyroid results and ranges are and post them in a new question.

Your GP may have meant you to start on 25mcg Levothyroxine and continue on 50mcg. If you are in doubt please call the duty doctor and talk it through with him/her.


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