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What to do next??? Levo & experience with adrenal fatigue much welcome 🙂

Please may I ask some advice on what I should try next? I've just checked my blood results from next week - TSH of 0.77 (0.3-5.5), no FTs tested (taking 2xMercury Pharma 25mcg & 1 x actavis/mercury Pharma 50mcg). I've been on 100mcg for 6 weeks, on spilt doses averaging 94mcg since mid Feb (I posted in the meantime about my struggles). My results at the beginning of Feb on 100mcg for 6 weeks were: TSH: 0.08 (0.3-5.5), FT4: 22.5 (12-22), FT3: 5.8 (3.1-6.8) (these were on Actavis 100mcg tablets towards the end, when I started to have weird, spaced out symptoms - suspect something in these particular tablets wasn't right).

I'm still not great at all, feeling very tired again with slow pulse. My experience with adding t3 made me suspect adrenal dysfunction (fatigue) and I've started taking adaptogenic herbs and tried Adrenovive II - I felt great for a few hours but then from day to day my fatigue got worse and I stoped after 9 days (this was 2 weeks ago).

Shall I try increasing Levo to 112.5 or 125 and see how it goes? The tsh of 0.77 suggests there is room for the ft4 to raise but still within range, or am I wrong? Or shall I try taking 2x50mcg pills as the strength may be different? Or shall I try t3 again? Or would it be best to do a private ft4 and ft3 test first? Or could ndt be better?

Many thanks for any insights!

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TSH 0.08, FT4 22.5 and FT3 5.8 were excellent and indicate you were optimally medicated. TSH 0.77 indicates FT4 and FT3 may have dropped slightly but TSH is still low so it is unlikely they've dropped significantly.

Have ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate been checked? They're often low or deficient in hypothyroid patients and symptoms may mimic hypothyroid symptoms.


Thank you Clutter! I take you don't think I need to play with my doses again but it's rather something else. My results early this year were: ferritin: 77(15-150) and vit d: 91(50-144). I supplement a lot of methylcobalamin and d3 daily but perhaps I've not been as diligent with iron due to having to time it away from food & drink. Not sure if my ferritin level may have come down enough to give me symptoms but that could be the culprit... I certainly haven't got all my symptoms back but I'm very tired and struggle with memory and concentration.



Thyroid levels were okay in Feb and it seems unlikely levels will have dropped much as TSH has only risen to 0.77 which is still low. I would check FT4 and FT3 before adjusting dose or changing meds.

Ferritin 77 is optimal at halfway through range so you don't need to supplement iron, and vitD 91 is good.


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