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It's World Thyroid Day!

It's World Thyroid Day!

It is World Thyroid Day today!

Many people are not even aware of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism until it happens either to them or a close friend or family member. Thyroid disease affects people all over the world although treatment can vary depending on which country you are in and the guidelines used.

Help us to spread awareness of thyroid disease.

People need to be aware that thyroid disease can run in families, that it can affect fertility and pregnancy outcomes. People don’t realise how devastating it can be to affected people. They don’t know that it causes depression, weight gain, painful muscles, heart problems, period problems and libido problems.

Let’s make sure that people are aware of these things so that they can look out for tell-tale signs and get themselves or friends or family members tested at the first sign.

Make sure that they know that the TSH test alone can miss certain thyroid disorders, that some people have a particular gene that can cause thyroid disease due to low hormone levels and that they can get private testing if their doctor cannot do all the tests available.

Medichecks is doing a special offer for World Thyroid Day. If you use the Thyroid UK code – MED32 – you can receive a 15% discount on all tests until midnight on Wednesday 31st May.

Blue Horizon have built what they believe to be the most powerful thyroid testing profile in the world, and are making it available to all UK residents for just £299.25, including a free nurse visit to draw your blood.

A study by V. Panicker et al “Common variation in the DI02 gene predicts baseline psychological well-being and response to combination T4/T3 therapy in patients on thyroid hormone replacement”, also shows that “…there is a small subgroup of patients on thyroid hormone replacement who may benefit from combination therapy.” (V Panicker, P Saravanan, B Vaidya, J Evans, A Hattersley, T Frayling & C Dayan - Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 19 P357).

You can obtain a DIO2 genetic test from Regenerous Laboratories as well as an adrenal saliva test.

Telephone: 0333 9000 979


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