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grateful to you all. I believe you may well have saved my life

There has been a debate on my drs notes with me paying dr skinner and a private endo to say I needed thyroid hormones and NHS gps and endo denying the need. I ddin treally have a lot of my symptoms relieved by thyroid hormones but did get much better from chronic fatigue after a homepathic prescription and I also started to lose weight. So because of expense and lack of faith in the idea that I needed the nature thyroid I was taking I stopped it. I few months later I discovered I had put on a lot of weight but never really got back into taking the stuff and then I started to feel really ill, sort of whoosy, like my head was swimming. I fell 5 times in a week and broke my ankle. The ankle treatment was fine but the tablets I was given for so called vertigo didnt make a jot of difference. I came home from hospital feeling more and more confused and swimmy. I phoned emergency doctor and was told to wait a couple of months to see neuro. I felt like I was slipping away and I think if it hadnt occured to me to take a grain of ndt I would have. 30 mins later I was so much better but if I miss a dose it starts again. arguement over I think. I need ndt because I can maintain a standing position with out it. My Tsh i have been told was normal it is usually about 2. My only problem now is my child is looking hypo with blood results similar to mine. Any ideas? I have also started B12 jabs after discussion with Dr Chandy and my memory i so much better and the clarity in my mind with just one dose has made me realise how impaired I had gradually become. I am so grateful to you all and this forum. Not only have you saved my life but I think it is going to be worth living.

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Thanks for posting, Mandyjane, I'm glad you are feeling better.

Children tend to have higher TSH levels than adults but if your child is symptomatic you should have your GP monitor levels or refer to a paediatrician.


Thanks Clutter his Tsh was 2 and t4 14 when last taken. I was in the strange position last year of insisting that my elder boy, who is a fit, healthy, robust, slim energetic child with normal temp did not need furthur blood tests and treatment becuase of high tsh and that my fat,constipated, tired and downright crackers child might need some help despite low tsh. I dont even think tsh test is good enough to be a rough guide let alone good enough to relie on.

Good to hear from you Clutter and thanks for all you do for this forum.

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High TSH is good enough to diagnose primary hypothyroidism. Low-normal TSH with low FT4 and low FT3 can indicate secondary/central hypothyroidism. What is the T4 range?


Dear Clutter not sure of the range and I have always thought that my hypo might be secondary. The t 4 range starts at 12 and my childs is at 14. Can secondary hypothyroidism be inherited. I was assessed for it but endo insisted that my below range t4 was normal for me and that had polysistic overies based on other blood results that could have supported the diagnoses of secondary hypo. She had heard of Dr Skinner was aware of his letter on my notes and let me know what she thought of him as soon as we met. I got the feeling she was determind to disagree with him and I didnt stand a chance. I have written to Perrans pediatrician to express my concerns and told her I am happy to pay for any tests to investigate. His T4 is not as low as mine is at times but blood only taken once. There is a Dr Ryan in Kent I am thinking to take him to see. Dr vanderproof looks like a nice man on his photo and wonder what he is like too.


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