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hello following on from the last post I reduced my NDT to 4 1/2 grains a day, I've been taking my body temp am and its still 35.5, heart rate is still between 60-100 I've noticed its higher when I've got a headache or migraine. Energywise the past two weeks I've felt good, still taking the migraines usually 2 a week towards the end of the week- due to tiredness I think.

I had my blood tests done on 28/04/2017 I fasted and didn't take any meds till after my test results:

TSH<0.01 mU/L normal range 0.35-5.00

Free T4 14.6pmol/L norm range 9.0-21.0

Total T3 2.6 normal range 0.9-2.5

so am I still overmedicated? Because I don't feel it, dr and endo are advising me to stop self medicating- due to numbers- completely disregarding how I feel!

Also I just remembered the last tests I had done at the hospital in Feb I hadn't fasted and had already taken my morning meds as the appointment was at 2pm- I take migraines if I skip meals and meds.

thank you

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Were you taking Levo before you started NDT? If so what was your dose.

I started on NDT and gotvup to 3 grains and thought I was getting somewhere but not quite there! Endo told me to drop down to 1.75 which I thought stupid butcas we had just met I did give it a try and he was right! I'd missed my sweet spot and kept increasing. The symptoms I found were the same for being both under and over. I don't know if this could be your problem but this is what happened to me and I thought worth a mention.


hello I was previously on 50 mcg of thyroxine and 20 mcg of t3.

I started on 2 grains and raised it incredibly slowly, basing on symptom elimination, if I go below 4 grains the aches and pains are back. Basically my body temperature hasn't risen, my heart rate has stayed the same, some symptoms have disappeared and the migraines have reduced since increasing the NDT.

I'm just puzzled as to how my T4 can be normal but T3 high? TSH has been suppressed since august last year very soon after I started NDT. Ta


My first visit with a new endo I was told that when taking T3 in any form you have to read the results differently. TSH is suppressed and can actually be zero, FT4 drops and can be about halfway down the range and FT3 should be high in range if you are on your correct dose.

T3 is the only active ingredient so to be well we need it to be high enough to make us feel well!

Once our body realises we are receiving enough T3 then it feels that it doesn't need to hang onto more T4. T4 is inactive so the body should convert it to T3 when it needs it so it's basically a storage hormone waiting to see if it's needed and if your T3 is sufficient it will hold onto less and take more of a back seat as it were but also ready to spring into action should it be called upon do that's why you have noticed a change in your readings and it also shows that the FT3 result is the most important whatever you are taking the geneneral rule thought is that FT3 must never go over its range if it's found to do that then it should be re tested in a few months to check it had fallen as a virus which you may not even be aware of could have caused it to rise itvo the sevo D rest it's still high then the meds should be reduced by quarter on a grain until things are stable again

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