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Silly Friday

Hi Just in case you missed it last week, in my strange brain fogged head I thought it might be nice to have a little giggle on a regular little thing - Silly Friday. I know theres many a day that I need a bit of cheering up and today is one of them. Heres last weeks in case you missed it

Well I'll kick off this week with me and the kettle !

Please bear in mind that when this incident occurred Id recently moved back from living in rural France for 3 years, which is like living in the 1950's. Especially with the constant internet problems we had.

Id bought a new bog standard 'cordless' kettle. I got it out of the box and looked at it thinking where's the cord. Looked in the box, closely examined said kettle, no cord. looked at the box, no picture of a cord or base. Then in my pearls of wisdom thought have I missed something, do they not need cords anymore. Have they developed a kettle that gets its electricity remotely ? I offered up the kettle to the plug. But, I thought, surely you must need an adaptor for the plug to send the electricity to the kettle. Closely examined the box and kettle again. Thinking, surely Ive not paid enough for this kettle for it to be so fancy ? But it must be some new-fangled fancy thing Ive been missing out on. Then all of a sudden from somewhere in the dark resesses of my 'brain' I opened the lid ! There it was the cord ! !

Edit - very much like the likes But it would be nice if someone else joins in ? Any funny stories ? I don't want to be a lemon here on my own 😞

Edit 2 @ 11pm No ? No one ? Just me 😞 Right I'm going off in a huff 😢

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:-) :-)

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I would join you, loads of daft episodes - just can't remember them!!!

Next time I'll write before I forget.

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