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Anyone have difficulty in receiving a response from Blue Horizon?

I received my test results on 29th April. One of the results was serum folate - 2.2 (high) with a range of 3 - 0 ng/mL. Accompanying the results were comments from one of their doctors who said the level was within normal limits and that the lab range quoted was incorrect and should read 3.9 - 26.8 ng/ml.

I emailed on 30th April as, to me, my result was below their quoted range and was told on 2nd May that one of their doctors would look again at the result. I emailed again on 8th May and have still not received a reply.

Is Paul Harris from Blue Horizon on here?

Thank you.

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Yes, Paul is a member BlueHorizonMedicals

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You can contact Paul by tagging BlueHorizonMedicals or you can send him a private message to healthunlocked.com/user/blu...

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Have received a phone call form Paul who promised prompt action - have already received revised results pdf with revised comments.

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