Success with GP

Hi. Thanks for your help with suggestions as to how to feel better. I have been back to Doctor and he has agreed to do the t3 & t4 test. I asked about fasting and not taking the levo and he said that would be fine. I can't have it done until mid June as there has to be 8 weeks between tests apparently - maybe that is just where I live. I am so pleased that I am able to talk to my GP and he will try to be helpful.

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That's a little disingenuous of your GP. If T3 and T4 haven't previously been tested he could have ordered them now. Please be aware that some NHS labs won't test T3 unless TSH is suppressed, even when GPs order T3.

This is the problem I had, my GP requested them twice from the lab but because my TSH was classed as "normal" they refused to test T3 and T4. Fingers crossed that you are lucky.

He did write something extra on the side of the form as he said it needed more explanation. Perhaps that was why. We shall see.

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