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Hi all. I have been supplementing with a small amount of T3 for a few months now and the benefits have been amazing. The problem I have now, is the supplier that was kindly recommended to me by a fellow forum member, seems to have disappeared from normal contact that I had. Can anyone please message me with a reliable source in confidence as I am nearing the end of my current batch and I don't want to return to feeling unwell through lack of it. My Brother in law has been trying in Cyprus with no success so far and I'm getting a bit anxious. I am off to Italy next week for a holiday. Has anyone had experience of obtaining T3 there over the counter? Thanks


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  • Dahlia17,

    As far as I'm aware T3 is prescription only in Italy. If members can recommend online sources it will be via private messages so I'm closing this thread to replies.

    To send Dahlia17 a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

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